Friday, October 16, 2009

"Delhi Games will be successful"

Delhi’s confidence about conducting a memorable Commonwealth Games 2010 was shared by a many delegates of the CGF.

Kenyan track legend Kip Keino said that Delhi will host the best Games.

"The Games is going to be successful. I am giving you the assurance. The arrangements are being done very smoothly," he said. "A child born today cannot walk tomorrow. It has to be taken care of until it can walk and run.

"The Games is going to be successful. After seeing and listening to them all, I am confident that the Indian Government, the Organising Committee and the Commonwealth Games Federation are all working as one team and we will have the best Games," Mr Keino said, pointing out that the CGF President Mike Fennell had spoken of problems dogging the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens.

Pakistan Olympic Committee Secretary-General Abdul Khaliq Khan reinforced that message. "In our country, the sports fraternity sees itself as co-host of the Commonwealth Games with India. I had to do my moral duty to speak up for the Organising Committee when some went on nitpicking non-issues," said the former captain of the Pakistan volleyball team. "I believe that Delhi will be ready well in time for the Games and we will see a very successful Games."

Olympic Council of Malaysia Vice President Beng Choo Low said she understood the position Delhi is in now, with a year left for the Games to be held. "We organised the 1998 Games and we understand the position you are in. We have the benefit on being on both sides," she said. "We had to support Delhi.

"The Organising Committee has already said that they take on board and appreciate the wake-up call and has made tremendous progress in the last two months. The CGF President and the delegates acknowledge that. The Games are not tomorrow. The Games are next year. We have seen a difference in two months," she said.

"Besides, it is important for everyone to not forget that the Organising Committee has the full support of your Government and we have confidence in the Organising Committee," she said.

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